Gray ... it's not black and white

August 9, 2017

I am often asked, "Britt ... why is everything gray today?"


It is currently everywhere and almost "de rigueur" in the interior design space. Well, just as with all trends, its time is very much now.

So how do I create a space using this non-color? You can have cool grays, like those inhabiting the blue and green end of the spectrum, or warm grays like the subtle reds and yellows. Gray is actually a very adaptable color 

dynamic to work within. 


Gray holds its own with most furnishings, allowing the colors you place against it be the hero. There is a reason that most galleries are painted white, the art is the hero of the moment and any other color tends to do battle with it. Gray has the same power over its surroundings. 


Gray is controlled and inconspicuous and is considered a color of compromise, perhaps because it sits between the extremes of black and white. Gray is the perfect neutral, which is why designers often use it as a background color.


Gray can skew towards its parent,

black, or even dance into the subtlety of its mother white.  

Historically, gray was the color of intellect, knowledge, and wisdom. It is perceived as long-lasting, classic, and often as sleek or refined. It is a color that is dignified, conservative, and carries authority.

Maybe grays current place in fashion can be attributed to the tough(er) times we live in. In such times, we tend to surround ourselves with simple beauty in cool calm environments. 


As I design a room I think about these things, and the elements of style coming together to create an ambiance of peace, and in this space, gray has its day.


Allow me to look at the grays in your life and bring out the vibrancy of your home with a dance of fine furnishing and color.

Gray ... it's the new black.


Britt Carter said it here ...



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