Britt Carter's 40th Anniversary

Pop-up Comedy Event

Britt Carter and Co. would like to thank all of his clients and customers for 40 years in business by hosting an appreciation pop up comedy event.  Couldn't we all use a NIGHT OF LAUGHTER!

Date:  March 28th

Time:  7pm - 9pm

Price:  $30 (1st drink included)

Location:  Britt Carter and Co.  1350 S. Skokie Hwy Lake Forest IL 60045 

Extra Drink Donations:  Wagging Hearts Dog Rescue

The Chicago Comedy All-Stars is a group of the best stand-up talent the Windy City has  to offer. On-stage credits include The Tonight Show, HBO, Comedy Central, The Oprah   Winfrey Show, America’s Funniest People, Showtime, Stephen Colbert and WGN to name a few.  Enjoy a lineup of expert and seasoned comedians for a night of entertainment. PG-13 rating. Complimentary drinks provided.

Jim McHugh:  Jimmy has been dishing out his style of comedy for over 30 years.  Born on the northwest side of Chicago, he has traveled the country delivering laughs at comedy clubs and has been seen on ABC, HBO, Comedy Central, Oprah, MTV and ESPN.  Jim is the founder and co-owner of the Chicago Comedy All-Stars.

Jimmy McHugh

Rick Young is an accomplished actor/comedian/master of ceremonies/auctioneer who has appeared all over the country including Second City and Kingston Mines, Chicago; Pasadena Playhouse, California; Dudley Riggs’ Brave New Workshop, Minneapolis, etc.  Rick’s brand of humor deals with an interesting variety of dilemmas in every day life.  Rick is the co-owner of the Chicago Comedy All-Stars.

Rick Young

Once a religion teacher at an all-girls Catholic high school, Tim is now a stand-up comedian working all over America.  His live show is an engaging blend of stand-up, songs, and audience interaction.  Many of Tim's songs revolve around playful use of language, where words are twisted in a unique way with hilarious results.  Still other songs take a s simple premise to outlandish and absurd conclusions.

Tim Cavanagh